How can I get more leads?

There are two ways to get the most out of your Antho subscription as an employer.

The first is to make sure your current jobs requirements are as broad as possible. Anthology's matching algorithm takes you at your word. If you tell us you need between 5-7 years of job experience or your Job Description says the candidate must have a Computer Science degree and experience in the XYZ industry, we will try not to show your job to people with 4 or 8 years of experience, who meet all other criteria but don't have a CS degree or XYZ experience.

The second is to add as many jobs as your plan allows and keep them "fresh." If you have a plan that allows for 10 jobs, put 10 jobs on Anthology. You'll pay us the same amount and get more leads. On a related note, if you've used all your plan's slots and have more jobs to promote, you can consider swapping out the old jobs (more than a month on the platform) and replace them with new jobs that have never been on Anthology before.