What does estimated "potential members" mean when I add a job?

When you add a job and start entering in your filters for our matching algorithms, we start with a high level estimate how many members we can start with before we curate it down further.

The estimated number is the total number of members we can consider sending your role. Ultimately, we screen it down to about 20% of that number based on member interests and our prediction of whether both sides would be interested.

As an example, if we estimate there are 100 members who meet you job's high-level criteria, we will probably send it out to about 20 of them. Of those 20, usually 10-20% will express openness to learning more. So in this example, you'd actually hear from 2-4 warm, qualified candidates.

We recommend setting your criteria as broadly as you are comfortable since this reduces the risk of someone being a potential match but getting excluded by your filters. E.g. if your ideal candidate has 5-7 years of experience but you'd consider someone really great with 3 or 10, we'd recommend setting the years of experience to 3-10.