How does the free trial work for new employers?

To start a free trial as an employer, you just need to create an account, pick a plan, put a credit card on file, and then upload your jobs.

We do not charge your credit card until two weeks after you've created your account and you can cancel anytime during your trial and you will never be billed. You can cancel anytime after your trial and you will not be billed for any future months. 

Once you upload your jobs providing us with your requirements, confidential salary cap (never published, just used for matching), skills tags, job function, and any other requirements, we do all the work.

We use a combination of computer algorithms and human curation to match the roles with the most relevant members. Once we've identified them, we email the members recommending they consider your role, and if they express interest, we send you a notification with a link to your dashboard so you can review their anonymous profile, request their full profile, and initiate contact with them directly using our chat system (you can then take your communications offline if you prefer).