How can I get more matches?

The number of matches you get depends on two things. The jobs on Anthology that are eligible for matches (we add a few hundred every month) and your profile. Currently, most of our jobs are at technology companies in engineering, sales, marketing, design, product, and project management. We do have others but 90% of them are in those areas. Furthermore, most of our companies are in New York, San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago, Boston, and LA (in that order).

Regarding your member profile, here are some of the biggest reasons people's profiles reduce the number of matches they get.

(1) Their min salary is too high. If you tell us your minimum salary is $150K and we have a job where the employer is budgeting $125-$140K, you will not be eligible to receive that match. Remember, the employers are not going to see your min salary so you don't need to worry about giving up bargaining power. Anthology is the only one who sees your min salary and we only use the min salary for matching purposes just to make sure the member and employer are in the same range.

(2) They have insufficient skills tags. We rely heavily on skills tags to determine if a job and a member are a good match. If we have an engineering job that requires Java expertise or a marketing job that requires SAAS expertise and you don't have those tags, we might still match you but it's much less likely.

(3) They are not open to jobs in other locations. Similar to (1), if you tell us you'd only consider working in New York and we have an opportunity in Boston or Chicago, we will not match you.