So how does this thing work again?

The easiest way to think about it is we’ve taken what works well in online dating and applied to how employed people decide to change jobs.

There are a few key steps in the process. First, you tell us about yourself and what would get you to change jobs.

Second, our whiz bang matching algorithms find opportunities that may be a fit based on what we know about you, the requirements for potential job openings, as well as data we analyze on different companies and what makes a good fit for them.

Third, you tell us privately if you’d be open to learning more about any of these preliminary matches.

If you say “Maybe” to any of the matches, we contact those employers on your behalf without revealing your identity (just a high level stuff about your experience, current seniority, types of previous employers).

If both parties are still interested in continuing the process, we eventually do a full email introduction and usually the employer will invite you to an informational phone call. The power of Anthology is it’s really easy, we take your confidentiality really seriously, the more matches you review - the smarter we get, and you only talk to people who have expressed reciprocal interest.